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Forest / Marine Services

Forest / Marine Services


The Sunshine Coast is ripe for forestry investment. Here’s why:

  • 3-4 million m³ pass through the West Howe Sound sorting yards
  • Waste from milling is consumed at Howe Sound Pulp and Paper
  • There is a supply of local logs, including from the Sunshine Coast Community Forest, which reserves logs for the value-added sector
  • The value-added (VA) sector is being promoted and assisted by the Sunshine Coast Community Forest
  • The VA sector is strong on the Sunshine Coast
  • Hillside Industrial Park has affordable parcels that are zoned for light and heavy industrial uses
  • We have fibre, waste disposal, land and proximity to the Port of Vancouver.


There is excess demand for berths and marine services on the south coast of BC. West Howe Sound is an ideal location for a dryland marina and marine services cluster.

  • There is a growing pleasure craft market for marine services
  • Existing marine services in the Vancouver-Fraser River area are expensive and waiting times are long
  • West Howe Sound is close to this large market
  • Hillside Industrial Park has ocean-side parcels for sale that are large enough for a marine services cluster
  • Ocean-side land may be purchased or leased
  • Local marine services industries will re-locate to a Hillside Industrial Park cluster


Hillside Industrial Park is administered by the Sunshine Coast Regional District. Of the approximately 300 acres zoned for development, 80 are sold and 220 remain for sale. Hillside is zoned for warehousing, light industry and heavy industry. It is adjacent to Howe Sound and only 30 kilometres from the City of Vancouver by water.

Hillside has a complete road system and is serviced with hydro and natural gas. There is available water for some industrial purposes. City Transfer’s container terminal is located here and Howe Sound Pulp and Paper’s kraft pulp and paper mill is adjacent to the site.

This Industrial Park presents an opportunity to many industry types. Marine services and wood products are two prime opportunities. Industries that need relief from escalating land values or non-industrial encroachment may find Hillside to be an attractive new home.

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