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The robust building industry on the Sunshine Coast is due mainly to residential construction, although a number of significant commercial and institutional projects are projected or in progress for 2017-18. There is a strong component of custom home builders, including timber frame and log home construction.

Residential planning in the Town of Gibsons is based on population growth of 2.5% annually to 2026. The Upper Gibsons Neighbourhood Plan allows for up to 900 new residential units. New subdivisions are in progress, including Parkland Phase II and Eagle View Heights condominium and townhome complex. The Gospel Rock Neighbourhood Plan created the potential for another 1100 new residential units; development in this area is still in the planning stages.

Residential growth in the District of Sechelt is now primarily in the West Sechelt and East Porpoise Bay neighbourhoods. Silverstone Heights’ Phase I development in West Sechelt, and Onni’s Edgewater Phase II condominium complex are virtually complete as of 2017, but Silverstone is well into its Phase II planning and approvals process. SSC Properties’ ambitious “sustainable community” planned for its property near Porpoise Bay Provincial Park includes a boutique waterfront resort hotel, commercial hub, and a multi-level residential community to facilitate aging in place. This project is currently in the earliest stages of permit approvals.

Home sales on the Sunshine Coast are strongly influenced by off-coast market factors, such as the current strong seller’s market in the Lower Mainland. Although sales in 2017 have not approached the sheer volume of 2016 (similar to the Vancouver market), the actual sales prices of both condominium and detached dwellings continue to trend upward. Buyers tend to be in the 50+ age range who are either retired or semi-retired retired and attracted by the high quality of life on the Sunshine Coast and its proximity to Vancouver.

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