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Payroll Costs

Payroll Costs

Workers Compensation (Worksafe BC 2017 rates)

Average Base Premium Rate $1.65  per $100 of employer’s assessable payroll
Average Rate for Pulp and Paper Mill Workers $1.87 Rates set by employer’s industrial activity. Applies to a maximum gross annual earnings of $81,900.
Average Rate for Clerical Workers $0.53 Applies up to a maximum gross annual earnings of $81,900.
Maximum weekly Benefit (Net) $1,082.14 90% of net average earnings, based on maximum annual assessable earnings of $81,900. Represents lost wages only. Health care costs are typically covered as well. Paid by Worksafe BC.

Source: Worksafe BC

Employment Insurance (2017 rates)

Taxable Base Gross Payroll
Average Employer Premium as a % of insurable earnings 2.282% Employer premium is 1.4 times that of the employee premium of 1.63%.
Maximum Weekly Benefit $543 Paid by the Government of Canada (55% of insured earnings, representing the general benefit level).
Maximum annual insurable earnings: $51,300
Maximum annual employer premium: $1,170.67

Source: Employment Insurance (EI) Canada

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