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Government & Taxation

Government & Taxation



Town of Gibsons

Form Mayor and Council
Number of Elected Officials 5
Mayor Wayne Rowe
Next election date October 20, 2018
Chief Administrative Officer Emanuel Machado
Total Population 4,437 (2011 Census)
Number of Employees 35


Sunshine Coast Regional District

Form Board
Number of Elected Officials 5
Municipal Representatives 3
Chair Garry Nohr
Next election date October 20, 2018
Chief Administrative Officer Janette Loveys
Total Population 28,619 (2011 Census)
Number of Employees 225

Note: If the municipalities are excluded, the SCRD’s population is 14,094 for the rural areas.


British Columbia

Form Parliamentary: Legislative Assembly
Number of Elected Officials 85
Premier Christie Clark, Liberal Party
Last election May 14, 2013
Total Population 4,400,057 (2011 Census)

Squamish First Nation

The Gibsons area is part of the traditional territory of the Squamish First Nation. The vast majority of Squamish Nation members live on the north side of Howe Sound from North Vancouver to Whistler, and the Nation’s offices are located in North Vancouver and Squamish. The Nation has several parcels of land on the Sunshine Coast, including the waterfront Chekwelp parcel that borders the Town of Gibsons.

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